Custom Plush Canada, located at 341 Talbot Street in London, Ontario Canada and has long standing partnerships with two reputable custom plush manufacturers in China as well as long standing business relationships with two freight forwarders in Mississauga and Toronto Ontario.

In 2008, we started off by providing custom logo bears to schools in Calgary, Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, Edmonton as well as various other Canadian cities coast to coast. It was started by Dale and Rhonda Snyder as a small proprietorship and has grown into a successful corporation with two divisions, Custom Plush Canada and Custom Plush Innovations, who now focus on turning clients illustration and mascot designs into high quality custom plush bulk orders.

Our journey has been one of slow and steady growth over the last many years and our team feels fortunate to be working with a broad range of clients such as small businesses and large businesses, toy inventors, book authors, dental offices, hospitals, schools, sports teams, universities and colleges, throughout Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba and the rest of Canada.

Custom Plush Canada has a customer-focused approach and prides itself on prompt personal service and satisfaction. It's our goal to assist our clients with designing, manufacturing and delivering safe, high quality custom plush products for use as retail and promotional items.

Below you'll be be able to get to know our "immediate" and "extended" working family...


Jordan D. Snyder - President and Project Manager

Jordan D. SnyderI’m an avid recording musician who’s drawn to anything creative. Music is definitely a passion in life, as is living a healthy lifestyle. As for the world of business...it's in my blood. My Dad owned a few businesses over the years as did his father so it feels like I'm just carrying on the family tradition. Besides business and health, I love keeping active and have a sense of adventure. Love me some live music and hockey games and there's no doubt my favorite activity is swimming. On the flip side of being active, I'm almost constantly reading and striving to better myself and I take inspiration from my friends and family. Custom Plush Innovations is very close to my heart as it’s a family-owned business that was started by my Mom and Dad. I’ve always dreamed of running my own business and I'm very grateful to have such an opportunity. I also take time to give back to my community while volunteering my time and using Custom Plush Innovations to provide donations to local charities and non profits


Ark Accounting & Tax - Corporate Taxes

I have been working with Perm Persaud for approx. 4 years now. He's helped the company with all year end and even day to day accounting and provides a very user friendly and powerful accounting system called Xero. I now consider Perm a friend and I look forward to continuing to build the business, along with his advice and guidance.



ITN Logistics - Ocean and Air Freight Forwarding

I've been using ITN Logistics for most of our Ocean Shipping and Air Shipping, for many years now. They're excellent. There's no other way to put it. Their customer service is of the highest level and their rates are very hard to beat. I am very grateful for all this, as shipping orders as much as we do, requires expertise, communication and know how.



Fedex Trade Networks

Fedex has been taking care of our ground shipping needs for close to a decade, but are now also involved in our ocean and air shipping logistics. Fedex doesn’t disappoint with their competitive pricing and high level of customer service. 



New Concept Design

We create professional websites that are light, clean, and easy to navigate. We are also strong advocates of proper usability and established web standards.