Custom Plush Toy Services

At Custom Plush Canada, we specialize in two custom plush toy services for our Canadian clients; Custom Plush Toys and Custom Plush Mascots. Our Custom Plush Toys service caters to small and large Canadian businesses that wish to turn their company logo or character design into high quality custom plush promo items and our Custom Plush Mascots services caters to Canadian sports teams, universities, colleges and businesses that have life size mascots, and require a custom plush toy replica of their adored company mascot.

What custom plush toys service interests you?

Custom Plush Toys – For Retail

custom plush toys We take your company illustration and bring it to life for your online and retail store needs.

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Custom Plush Toys – For Promo

custom plush toys Turn your company design or logo into soft, fun and friendly promotion plush toys.

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Custom Plush Mascots

corporate giveaway toys Replicate your life size mascot into custom plush for retail and promo.

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Custom Logo Bears

corporate giveaway toys Customize one of our teddy bears with your company colours, logo and motto.

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