We manufacture high quality custom
plush toys in bulk quantities.

- 500 pieces minimum -
Plush animals manufactured by Custom Plush Innovations

Custom Plush Toys

For Canadian small and large businesses as well as organizations out there, we can turn your company’s design into high quality custom plush toys and custom plush dolls to sell via your retail and online stores or to use as a promotional tool at your next trade show or corporate event.

We design and manufacture any custom plush toys size between 5" and 24" and will provide custom plush toys expertise, support and even free advertising if needed, to help make your custom plush toys and custom plush dolls a profitable and promotional success.

Whether you’re located in Ontario or Alberta, British Columbia or Manitoba, if you have any questions about creating your very own custom plush toys or would like to get some pricing, reach out and contact one of our custom plush experts or simply grab yourself a free quote to help get the ball rolling.

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Custom Plush Toys > Quick F.A.Q.

Can you create a prototype of my design first, before I place a bulk order?

We most certainly can! We always start off by making up a physical custom made prototype of your design. And don’t worry, you’ll be assigned your very own Project Manager who will help to review your custom plush doll design, give suggestions and help you with any necessary revisions you might need. We want you feeling confident and satisfied with your custom plush prototype before you place your bulk order, so we’ll even mail it out to you, to touch and feel before you place your bulk order.

Is there a start-up fee or cost for making a prototype?

Yes there is. A prototype will cost anywhere between $250 and $350 Canadian, depending on your design complexity. It covers the costs of revisions, materials, print molds and shipping to your location in Canada.

What's the minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order is 500 pieces for a custom plush toys bulk order with capability and experience of manufacturing upwards of 50000 pieces. Due to the high volume of work we bring our custom plush toys factories, we’ve been able to negotiate a low minimum of only 500 pieces, but we highly recommend striving for 1000 pieces, as that’s where price breaks begin.

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3 Step Custom Plush Creation Process

It can be a difficult task to create your own custom plush dolls using a Canadian or foreign factory. Language barriers, lack of communication and elongated turnaround times are just a few issues you may encounter. Not to mention the headaches that might come with organizing a large shipment for your custom plush toys.

So we want to remove the headaches and possible aggravations from your custom plush dolls project and manage it every step of the way through our easy 3 Step Custom Plush Creation Process, which includes the Prototype Stage, Mass Production Stage and Shipping Stage.  We have the plush manufacturing and freight forwarding experience you need in order to help make your project a success.


We make you a physical
prototype of your design



We mass produce your
prototype in a bulk quantity.



We pack and ship your
bulk order to your location.


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