Custom Plush Mascots

To cater to the sports teams, universities, colleges and businesses located in Canada who have life size mascots, we specialize in turning your fan and customer adored mascots into high quality 7” to 24” custom plush mascot toy replicas for your retail and promotional needs.

Do you already have a custom plush mascot on hand? Perhaps this is you first time stepping into the toy mascot world? Either way, we want to provide you with a high quality custom plush mascot that’s an exact or very close replication of your life size mascot, so you can retail them for high profits or give them away at your next company event.

Whether you’re located in Toronto or Vancouver, Calgary or Ottawa, if you have any questions about creating your very own custom plush mascots  or would like to get some pricing, reach out and contact one of our custom plush experts or simply grab yourself a free quote to help get the ball rolling.

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Custom Plush Mascots > Quick F.A.Q.

Can you first create a physical prototype?

Most certainly! And in order to do so, we’ll need front, back and side photos of a your mascot, as well as a jersey schematic if necessary. From there, we’ll make you a custom plush prototype of your life size mascot. And if any revisions are needed, that’s no problem; we’ll take care of that for you at no extra charge.

How much does a prototype cost?

A prototype will cost anywhere between $250 and $350 Canadian depending on the mascot complexity. The prototype cost covers the costs of revisions, materials, print molds and shipping to your location.

What's the minimum for a bulk order?

Our minimum order is 500 pieces for a bulk order with price breaks starting at 1000 pieces.

How long does the process take?

It varies from mascot to mascot, due to size and complexity, but the average total turnaround time needed for our 3 Step Creation Process, is between 90 to 120 days via standard ocean shipping and 60 to 90 days via air shipping.

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3 Step Custom Plush Creation Process

It can be a difficult task to manufacture your very own custom plush mascots using a possibly inexperienced domestic or foreign factory. Language barriers, lack of communication and added turnaround times are just a few issues you may encounter. Not to mention the headaches that might come with organizing a bulk order for safe and timely shipping.

So we want to remove the headaches and possible aggravations from your custom plush project and manage it every step of the way through our easy 3 Step Custom Plush Creation Process, which includes the Prototype Stage, Mass Production Stage and Shipping Stage.  We have the plush manufacturing and freight forwarding experience you need in order to help make your project a success.


We make you a physical
prototype of your design



We mass produce your
prototype in a bulk quantity.



We pack and ship your
bulk order to your location.


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