Above all else, we want to provide our clients with safe high quality custom plush toys and custom plush mascots. So the safety of all our custom made plush toys is paramount and we achieve it in an ethical and professional manner. This means that we work with only two reputable factories that provide clean working environments for their workers and have third party inspection companies, such as, perform audits on equipment and labour. Custom Plush Canada guarantees that our two partnered factories used for designing and mass production our custom plush toys are clean and safe for all concerned.

And at our factories, we use no hazardous parts or paints and each plush toy is stitched to ensure security and the materials we source out and use, will meet and/or exceed material flammability testing. And upon completion of mass production, we pass each and every custom plush toy and custom plush mascot through a metal detector before packing and shipping.

In addition to our in-house safety and quality control, we use independent, third party testing labs like and, for those clients who require a toy safety certificate.

As far as labelling of your custom plush toys for Canadian distribution, it’s imperative that at least one sew in label is affixed to your plush toy that states country of origin. Furthermore, we add our importer name and details about the materials and intended age group. If you plan on Canadian distribution only, then our Canadian sew in label will meet or exceed Health Canada Consumer Product Safety Act, as well the Competition Bureau and Canada Border Services Agency.

Did you know?

1. CCPSA (Canadian Consumer Products Safety Act) does not require stuffed toys to be tested by a third party lab. That said though, we make sure our toys meet CCPSA toy safety standards and we include 3rd party testing in all orders over 5000 pieces.

2. The Government of Ontario has approved the revocation of the Upholstered and Stuffed Articles regulation under the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000, effective July 1, 2019.

3. The provincial government of Manitoba will repeal the Bedding and other Upholstered or Stuffed Articles Regulation, 78/2004, under the Public Health Act, as of January 2020

4. If you plan on shipping large amounts of your toys to the USA, we will need to include a 3rd Party Lab Test based on CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) toy safety standards and will need to include both a Canadian sew in label and American sew in label